• ExitGadget is easy to install and will work on virtually every website minutes after installation. This is the ExitGadget Guarantee! If it doesn’t function, you will receive a FULL REFUND. No Risk! No Worry!

  • No charge at all to swap your current offer for any of the current available ones. We monitor your performance and talk strategy with you to increase your conversion. Our focus is to drive more leads for you. While we do have a large assortment of PROVEN ExitGadgets ready to go, if you require a special, custom offer, we’re happy to work with you. We have professional graphic designers on staff.

  • No, of course not. There are so many ways to use ExitGadget e.g. build email list, offer free trials, promote coupons, generate downloads, promote webinar sign-ups, and drive more leads. That said, generally offers that seem to deliver the best conversion results often offer some form of perceived monetary compensation (eg. Extra $ for a trade in)

  • ExitGadget can send both “regular” HTML emails to as many emails as needed, and can also send all lead data into most CRMs that use the XML/ADF standard. We automatically route the lead information “first name, last name, email, phone and their purchase stage/level of intent” right into your CRM.

  • Excited to get started, right?! We don’t blame you! One business day or less to set you up and it shouldn’t take more than minutes for your website provider to install the one line of code.

  • The number of additional leads you receive is going to depend on a number of things, including your current website traffic and the specific ExitGadget offer you choose. We’ve seen conversion rate increases of 1% to in some cases nearly 8%. We’ve seen monthly leads generated up into the many hundred per month on a single site.

    Typical ranges we see throughout the automotive website industry runs from around 40 up to over 400 leads per month!

    For the price, it’s likely the best ROI you will ever get!

Results You Can Count On

While results are dependent on a lot of factors, what we can guarantee is you’ll be impressed with all the extra website conversions you otherwise would have lost without our ExitGadget.

This shows the AVERAGE leads per month received from our ExitGadget over a 6+ month time period. Typical or not, leads can and will happen!


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