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By adding ExitGadget to their website, Fred Martin Superstore has consistently generated an average of 100+ additional leads per month for the last 60 months consecutively.

Year by Year Monthly Lead Averages









Their Story:

Fred Martin Superstore is a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ran and Fiat dealership located in Barberton, Ohio. Owner Adam Huff’s goal is to ensure value, quality, professionalism and customer service to anyone buying a vehicle, new or used, or servicing their car at his establishment.

Their Goal:

The Fred Martin team was looking to increase the number of actionable leads their BDC was receiving without having to spend more on their marketing. They were also looking for a way to persuade their audience that they were the dealership to shop with.

The Solution:

After recognizing that they weren’t receiving quality leads form their Facebook lead ads and had no interest in increasing their ad budget yet again in hopes that their issues would resolve themselves— the Fred Martin team reached out to ExitGadget.

Illuminating the fact that your most qualified prospects are those already on your site, we showed their internet team how our technology incentivizes customers to stay right where they are while obtaining their contact information and immediately adding it their CRM— so the internet sales team has an opportunity to connect with visitors otherwise unknown and untracked.

From the first month we added ExitGadget to, the dealership has seen on average an additional 100+ leads per month, with some months well exceeding that average, since 2014! But our software didn’t just generate them high quality leads— it did so for HALF the cost of their other third-party lead providers; generating more success and more cars sold for Fred Martin Superstore.

Toyota of Easley generated 136 leads and increased trade-ins by 42% for November 2018 with ExitGadget.


Less than $5 / Lead


Decrease Web Abandonment


Increase Trade-Ins

Their Story:

Toyota of Easley is a high-volume dealership located in Easley, South Carolina. They have been recognized by the likes of Toyota USA for their unique and modern marketing tactics.

Their Goal:

Looking to clear out their 2018 inventory, Toyota of Easley wanted a way to ensure they were doing all they could to get their sales team on the phone with potential customers.

The Solution:

The team at Toyota of Easley knew their best chance at generating 2018 model sales was by engaging those already shopping on their website. After researching various exit-intent softwares, they found ExitGadget and gave us a call.

After reviewing their needs, we suggested our KBB Value-Trade gadget. It provides an incentive of up to 120% of the Kelley Blue Book value for trade-ins and lets visitors click to assess their current vehicle value. By filling out the form provided in the ExitGadget, each potential customers’ contact information was sent directly to Easley’s CRM. It also provided a point of entry in terms of sales conversation for their staff.

Toyota of Easley was able to exceed their sales goals for November and received a 42% increase in trade-ins for the month.

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