Just How Does ExitGadget Work?

How It Works

A potential customer comes to your website, doesn’t find what they’re looking for and heads for the exit button. ExitGadget presents them with a tailored sales message just before they leave, collecting their contact information. You receive that lead directly to your email or CRM to turn into your next sale.

Start collecting more leads right away!

How It Works

Guaranteed To Work

There are few guarantees in life, but here’s one for you: We GUARANTEE ExitGadget will work on your website. Within minutes of having it up, you’ll see for yourself.

Toyota of Easley used ExitGadget to increase trade-in business at their dealership by 42% in one month! They knew there was only one tool that could generate that many quality leads, that quickly— and it’s been a staple in their strategy ever since.

ExitGadget JUST WORKS, or your money back!

Guaranteed To Work!
Double Yur Leads with ExitGadget

Double Your Leads*

Imagine if you could generate double the leads you are now for a fraction of what you’re currently spending? Our clients went from losing thousands of dollars every month driving qualified traffic to their website that wasn’t turning into leads, to generating 2X the number of leads for much less, with ExitGadget!

Fred Martin Superstore is using ExitGadget to convert an additional 200+ leads per month!

Can you use an EXTRA 40-100+ leads each month?


Leads From Traffic Already On Your Site!

ExitGadget not only increases your leads, it’s a fraction of the cost you’re spending on most every other third party lead driver. Start generating leads for pennies on the dollar, or stubbornly stick with your current plan and continue to increase your marketing budget while leads and sales decline!

Fred Martin Superstore averaged a Cost Per Lead of ONLY $1.06 throughout 2019! Try comparing that to your current CPL!

ExitGadget works. Period. You've got nothing to lose!

Case Studies
No Long Term Contract with ExitGadget
No Long Term Contract with ExitGadget

No Long Term Contract

Some companies make you sign up for 90 days, 6 months, or even a year! Not us! ExitGadget is a month-to-month contract with convenient, automatic payments.

Bentley Hyundai had their ExitGadget for only TWO months before they started seeing triple-digit results!

ExitGadget doesn't lock you in!


* Typical websites convert at less than 1%. ExitGadget has shown increases in total conversion rates from 1% to 7%, depending on website traffic!