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Apply to join our closed testing group for the newly redesigned ExitGadget. Test our software FREE for 60 days and experience how ExitGadget re-engages and retains what you’ve been losing – your website visitors.

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Nothing else you need to do, just sit back and collect qualified leads!

Your most actionable leads are already on your website. Convert up to 80% more of them!

ExitGadget is the leading exit intent technology available and works as your last minute, final line of defense against missed opportunities. This low cost sales generator increases your conversions and sales by deploying an enticing offer the moment your web visitors look like they’re leaving.

Custom Designs

While we have a large assortment of ready to go ExitGadgets, our design team can build you a unique, custom message for your brand and offer.

Proven Success

There are a lot of similar looking options out there. So why choose ExitGadget? Simple. We work!

High Performance

Our ExitGadget is a one tool wonder! We’re not loading a library of non-used tools that slow down your website!

Learn more about what ExitGadget can do for your business.

We’ve Delivered Over:


Qualified Leads. And Counting!

The best quality leads come from those already on your website, yet most web providers don’t have the proper conversion tools and opportunities capable of turning your traffic into leads. With ExitGadget— you will.

We turn online window shoppers into customers

The simple yet familiar design balances technical functionality with a message that provokes an emotional response.

A potential paying customer walks in to your business and spends time looking around. Now, they are heading for the exit without making a purchase. You mention to them as they reach the door that there’s a sale, offer, or discount available. That’s ExitGadget!


ExitGadget targets nearly 100% of customers leaving your website, once.


Success and ROI is dependent on total traffic to your website, but we have many success stories that convert an additional 70+ leads per month.

Our Clients Have Seen Lead Increases By:


Fred Martin Autogroup


Panama City Toyota


Flowers Honda

Results You Can Count On

While results are dependent on a lot of factors, what we can guarantee is you’ll be impressed with all the extra website conversions you otherwise would have lost without our ExitGadget.

This shows the AVERAGE leads per month received from our ExitGadget over a 6+ month time period. Typical or not, leads can and will happen!


Fred Martin Superstore


Toyota of Easley


Bill Penney Toyota

Why ExitGadget?

30-day Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee to show what you’ve been missing.

Proven Conversions

Proven conversion-focused messages for any business and any industry.

Design Concierge

Design concierge to personally create a message for your audience.

No Contracts

No contracts to tie you down if you’re not satisfied with your leads.

24/7 Support

24/7 support service to make sure you are fully satisfied and issue-free.

Campaign Analysis

Campaign analysis to tailor messages and increase your sign-ups and sales.

When your web visitors leave, so do your chances of making sales.

ExitGadget Saves You Both